I want to welcome you to the site of the quality Japanese whetstones. Our goal is to offer you one of the best-valued whetstones from the higher end of the range. These stones are used in kitchens and workshops all over. 

I am happy to help you choose a sharpening stone and cutting board.

Please send a message to info@hiomakivi.com

One of the last videos explores a topic that has been much asked about, namely how to sharpen a Puukko-knife.

We recommend

Cerax CR-400G #320

Cerax CR-400-G (#320)

32,00 €
Cerax CR-3000-Y

Cerax CR-3000-Y

55,00 €
Cerax CR-1000-B

Cerax CR-1000-B

50,00 €

Most popular products

Naniwa hiomakiven pidike

Stone Holder

26,00 €
Naniwa flattening stone 220 grit

Flattening Stone 220 grit

19,00 €
Naniwa Multi Stone 1000/3000

Multi Stone 1000/3000

29,00 €
Pinnanmuodostuskivi (Nagura)

Dressing Stone (Nagura)

6,90 €
Shapton Kuromaku 1000

Shapton Kuromaku 1000

45,00 €
Suehiro Rika 5000

Suehiro Rika 5000

49,00 €
Shapton Kuromaku 5000

Shapton Kuromaku 5000

67,00 €
Morihei 4000


79,00 €
Suehiro CERAX 1010

Suehiro CERAX 1010

35,00 €
Morihei 1000


67,00 €
Atoma timanttihiomakivi


74,90 €
Naniwa Professional Stone 3000

Professional Stone 3000

99,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 400

Super Stone 400

37,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 3000

Super Stone 3000

55,00 €
Naniwa Professional Stone 400

Professional Stone 400

57,00 €

New products

Leather SAYA

Leather Saya, 180mm

54,00 €
Leather SAYA

Leather Saya, 210mm

54,00 €
Naniwa Irodori Nagura #1000

Naniwa Nagura #1000

12,50 €
Naniwa Irodori Nagura #3000

Naniwa Nagura #3000

16,50 €
Naniwa Irodori Nagura #12000

Naniwa Nagura #12000

22,00 €

Leather Strop 400x75 'Soft'

38,00 €
Shiro Kamo Black Gyoto 180mm

Shiro Kamo, Black Gyoto, 180mm

159,00 €
Cerax CR-6000-W

Cerax CR-6000-W

69,00 €
Cerax CR-3000-Y

Cerax CR-3000-Y

55,00 €
Cerax CR-1000-B

Cerax CR-1000-B

50,00 €
Cerax CR-400G #320

Cerax CR-400-G (#320)

32,00 €
Suehiro New Kouseki SRK-10000

Suehiro Kouseki #10000

225,00 €
Suehiro Gokumyo Series GMN200

Suehiro Gokumyo #20000

359,00 €
Suehiro DEBADO 400-SNE

Suehiro DEBADO 400-SNE

52,00 €


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