CHABRET end-grain cutting board

We value sustainability, ecology, and quality.

Wood is a sustainable, natural material. Our cutting boards are made from French hornbeam, which is ideal for its hardness.

Our chopping boards are made of end-grain wood, i.e., they have the grain of the wood standing upright. This is why others talk about vertical wood. Such a board surface is particularly gentle on the knife blade, as it does not hit the cross-cuts but sinks in between them. Those who cut a lot also appreciate the quietness of wood compared to many other materials.

You can be sure of the eco-friendliness of our cutting boards. The material is produced in the EU, and its origin is traceable. There has been no need to cut down rainforests or transport materials from the other side of the globe.

A good cutting board can last for decades of use.

Wooden cutting boards may be considered a chore to maintain, but in reality, a well-oiled cutting board is easy to clean daily.

Oil a new cutting board, and then every six months or so, or when the surface starts to look dry. After use, a quick wash or wipe, no machine washing. Dry the cutting board upright so that both sides dry evenly. If necessary, the surface can be smoothed with a scraper or sander for easy cleaning. 

Wood is more antibacterial than plastic and will not shed plastic into your food or water. If properly cared for, our quality boards will last for up to decades of use.


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