NANIWA is very well known whetstone manufacturer from Osaka, Japan. NANIWA has used more than 60 years to develop one of the best-valued stones available.

We are promoting Super Stone and Professional Stone series. Both of these are so-called "Splash and Go" stones. There is no need to soak these stone prior sharpening. We also have the new very reasonable priced Multi Stones - series available.

Naniwa Professional Stone 800

Professional Stone 800

62,00 €
Naniwa Professional Stone 1000

Professional Stone 1000

67,00 €
Naniwa Professional Stone 3000

Professional Stone 3000

99,00 €
Naniwa Professional Stone 5000

Professional Stone 5000

125,00 €
Naniwa Multi Stone 1000/3000

Multi Stone 1000/3000

29,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 220

Super Stone 220

35,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 400

Super Stone 400

37,00 €
Naniwa Sharpening Stone 800

Super Stone 800

41,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 1000

Super Stone 1000

44,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 2000

Super Stone 2000

49,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 3000

Super Stone 3000

55,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 5000

Super Stone 5000

60,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 8000

Super Stone 8000

72,00 €
Super Stone 10000

Super Stone 10000

78,00 €
Naniwa Super Stone 12000

Super Stone 12000

89,00 €


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